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Siemens Teachers as Researchers (STARs)

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Dates: Oak Ridge National Laboratory: June 16 - 28, 2013.

Dates: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: July 16 - 26, 2013

Have you ever wanted to be part of scientific research team? Have you ever wanted to bring the excitement of authentic research into the classroom? Siemens teachers as Researchers (STARs) will provide the experience, resources, and contacts you need to do just that!

Applications and information for Summer 2013 are available at Siemens STEM Academy.

Eligibility Requirements | Tentative ORNL Program Schedule | Program Provisions Tentative PNNL Program Schedule

Program Description and Benefits
Siemens Teachers as Researchers is a two-week residential professional development program, all expenses paid*, in which teachers will engage in mentored research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory or at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. STARs provides middle school and high school STEM teachers the opportunity to engage with top scientists and researchers on short-term research projects about current topics of national interest that are related to ongoing research at the laboratories.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is America's largest, multi-purpose, national research laboratory. Its primary research areas are neutron science, advanced materials, biological systems, energy, national security, nanotechnology, chemical sciences, nuclear physics, and high performance computing. ORNL is home to more than 50 scientific centers and specialized facilities, including the Spallation Neutron Source, National Center for Computational Sciences, Joint Institute for Neutron Sciences, Joint Institute for Biological Sciences, Bioenergy Science Center, Center for Nanophase Material Sciences, National Transportation Research Center, and the Tennessee Solar Initiative.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science national laboratory where interdisciplinary teams advance science and technology and deliver solutions to America's most intractable problems in energy, the environment and national security. Researchers are improving our understanding of how energy generation and use affect the environment and climate and how to effectively mitigate those impacts through the development of clean, reliable, domestic energy resources. PNNL is advancing science and technology by combining theory, computation, and experimentation. Located in Richland, Washington, PNNL is operated by the Battelle Memorial Institute with an annual budget of $1.1 million.

ORNL and PNNL mentor scientists will design short-term research projects on current topics of national interest that are related to ongoing research at the laboratory. Working in teams of 3 to 4, teachers will collaborate with scientific teams to conduct assigned research projects. In addition to the research immersion, you will have additional educational enhancements in the form of seminars, mini-workshops, tours, and field trips to focus and expand the research experience.

This immersion into authentic research, professional scientific collaboration, and educational enhancements will provide insight, resources, and scientific contacts to teachers as you re-enter the classroom.

Each teacher will design and complete a service learning project during the academic year following their summer appointment.

See the tentative program schedules for additional information on each laboratory.

*Program Provisions for Teachers:

• Paid travel (airline flights or up to $500 round-trip mileage reimbursement)

• Paid lodging – double occupancy housing at the Comfort Inn, Oak Ridge, TN

• Paid meals

• Paid entrance fees for field trips and cultural activities

• $500 stipend

• $300 mini-grant to purchase equipment and/or supplies for your classroom

For additional information on the resources and opportunities available through the Siemens STEM Academy, please visit their Web site.


STARs Eligibility

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The selection process is based upon teachers' responses on the application form, responses from references, and school and community demographics. Siemens Foundation's goal is to provide opportunities to teachers from a broad spectrum of schools to include diversity in size, private vs. public, rural vs. urban, and socioeconomic backgrounds of student populations and communities. More simply stated, teachers from all venues of schools and communities are encouraged to apply.